Helpful Tips & Hints


  • Please park in the lots on either side of the building or on Old Creek Drive, reserving the spaces in front of the school for short visits.
  • Please do not park in the “Kiss and Ride” or in fire lanes.
  • For the safety and security of our children, please sign in and put on a volunteer name tag in the front office when you arrive.
  • When you have completed your volunteer assignment, please sign out.


  • The PTA Mailbox is located in the front office in the plastic box inside the PTA credenza (the cabinet that the sign in books are on top of).
  • Mail for teachers or items going home with children should be given to one of the office secretaries.


  • Any supplies you need to support teachers in the classroom, such as construction paper, a paper cutter, paper clips, etc., can be obtained in the upstairs workroom.
  • The Ellison press and binding machine are available in the library. The library staff can train you to use this equipment at a mutually convenient time (mornings are best).  Please contact Patty Smalley at or (703) 426-3100 to arrange a time.


  • Copiers are available in the upstairs workroom and the office. Please do large jobs in the upstairs workroom.
  • Please log any photocopying for the PTA on the clipboards located next to the copiers. This is not required for classroom materials.
  • If you need training to use the copiers, please arrange a time with one of the secretaries.
  • Please allow teachers to go ahead of you. Their planning time is very limited.
  • Flyers for school-wide distribution should be reviewed and approved by Ms. Mack.  This will help avoid duplication of information, ensure uniform presentation and enable the consolidation of flyers.  Communications being sent in the Friday folders should be submitted and approved by the prior Wednesday afternoon.  Copies are run by volunteers on Thursday mornings for Friday folder distribution.
  • Please give a copy of all flyers to Sandy McCulloch in the main office
  • When reproducing flyers for the whole school, please consult the class count list located at the front of the PTA file box.  Include an additional copy for the teacher and 50 extra copies for specialists and support staff where appropriate.