Health and Safety Information

What to do if you suspect child abuse

As an adult who will be working with students, it is important that you are aware of general child abuse precautions and procedures to be followed at Olde Creek. If at any time, a child should confide in you information that indicates possible abuse, you are responsible for reporting that information to the classroom teacher immediately. You are also advised to write down what the child said to you and keep this information until notified otherwise.

In addition, please use common sense when selecting areas to work with students. If you are working with a student in a room that is rather private to eliminate distractions, please make certain that you can still be seen or heard (e.g. open a door, slide back a curtain, etc.).  Please feel free to hug students or pat them on the back – just do it where others can see you.


Emergency Procedures

As an adult responsible for the care of school children, you need to be aware of procedures in the case of an emergency or safety drill.  Please study the evacuation plan available at school and be sure to consult the classroom teacher for any other information required.