Volunteer Information

Olde Creek PTA can’t run without the countless hours of volunteer time provided by our fantastic families! We understand not everybody can take time out during the day to help out in the classrooms. However, there are so many other opportunities to help the school and your children. We’re trying to make it even easier to help out, however you can.

New This Year: Check out the Complete the Online Volunteer Form >

Online Volunteer Training. This training is mandatory for all volunteers. Click the link to view the PDF with audio. When you’ve finished, print and fill out the “Return Form” at the end of the presentation and turn in to the front office.

Please review the additional volunteering information:

  • Health and safety when working with students
  • helpful volunteering tips & hints


  1. It’s a great way to let your child know how important school is.
  2. Your child and the teachers will know you care.
  3. You make a real difference.
  4. It feels good to help create more than 500 smiles a day.
  5. You get to use the secret school handshake.
  6. You get to have your name on the “Volunteer Wall of Fame”.
  7. You get a cool badge with another unflattering picture ID.
  8. You get to take field trips to the farm and learn how to milk goats.
  9. You can tell other children besides your own: “Because I said so.”
  10. You can embarrass your child without even trying.

If you are a parent who wants to help the Olde Creek Elementary School community, check out the volunteer opportunities and sign up today!