Square 1 Art

Each Spring, the OCES PTA works with a vendor called Square 1 Art to turn your child’s artwork into a variety of items which make great keepsakes and gifts.  A portion of all sales go to the OCES PTA.

Information will be sent home in your child’s folder March 13th. 

Paper orders are due March 27th, but online/phone orders can be accepted through April 14th. 

Ordered items will be sent home with students prior to Mother’s Day.

Three ways to order:

  1. The paper order form is attached to student’s custom catalog which will be sent home March 13th.
  2. Online at www.square1art.com/shop (student’s code is located on their catalog)
  3. Over the Phone to Square 1 Customer Care at 888-332-3294.

Please contact Leslie Casciato with questions at square1artoces@gmail.com or (202) 368-8670.

Additional Forms: