Room Parents

A note from Room Parent Coordinator, Katelyn Song:

Dear awesome room parent,

As all of you are aware, our Olde Creek community is a very active one and so much support comes from our parents. Our room parents play a crucial role in providing this necessary additional support.

This year, being a room parent is an especially important role. During this global pandemic, we need volunteers to coordinate virtual class parties, virtual social chats for classrooms, and keep staff morale up with appreciation and support.

My goal is to provide you with information and guidance so that you do not feel uncertain or overwhelmed with the role and its responsibilities. And remember, there is power in numbers, so recruit your friends. The more the merrier! 🙂

If you have any questions or ever need anything, please feel free to contact me anytime at 703-727-0216.


Katelyn Song

Yearly Overview


1.Introduce yourself to the teacher and get a class email list. Ask the teacher for special events and activities that room parents help with (example: Agora) 

2.Ask the teacher to fill out the teacher favorites survey. There are many templates for “teacher favorites” on Google. I also have surveys I can provide. 

3.Email the class list and introduce yourself/partner as room parents. Send the teacher favorites survey results to parents.  

4. Put the teacher’s birthday on your calendar as a reminder. Please remember to email the parents before the teacher’s birthday (include the teacher’s favorite survey).

1. Email the teacher and ask for tentative times for the holiday party.

2. Discuss options for a Virtual Zoom/social time (outside school hours). 

1. In early November, create a letter to send to each parent in the classroom. The letter should include the details for the holiday party, suggested donation amount and volunteer information. 

1. Assign and plan with volunteers… virtual stations and gift card for teachers. Most teachers will welcome and be delighted with an Amazon gift card. For other ideas, please refer to the teacher favorites survey or ask the teacher directly. 

1. In early April, ask the teacher for tentative dates/times for the EOY party. 

1. In early May, create an email for parents. Start planning with parents. Delegate and conquer tasks… activities and teacher gifts.

1. Have a great party!