PTA Board

These are your SY2018-2019 PTA Board Members. Feel free to contact them with any questions, concerns or ideas. To reach board members, please use this email address:

Position Board Representative
  President   Serena Cherry
  President-Elect   Trish Ramirez
  VP Student Enrichment   Katelyn Song
  Treasurer   John Hunter
  Membership   Amy Sine
  Secretary   Greta Gosnell
  Webmaster   Joanne Elder

Virginia PTA requires bylaws be revised and approved every five years. The current OCES PTA bylaws expire in March 2019.  A bylaws committee presented the proposed revisions to the OCES PTA Board, which was approved for consideration by the general membership.

The proposed bylaws will be posted for thirty (30) days for review/comment. The OCES PTA general membership meeting will be held 8 November 2018, during which a vote to approve the proposed bylaws will be held. If you have any questions before the general membership meeting, please contact the OCES PTA board at