PTA Board

These are your SY2020-2021 PTA Board Members. Feel free to contact them with any questions, concerns or ideas. To reach board members, please use this email address:

Position Board Representative
  President  Katie Cooper
  President-Elect  Jason Moore
  VP Membership   Monica Harley
  VP Staff Support   Lisa Goodwin
  VP Student Enrichment   Katelyn Song
  VP Web Services   Joanne Elder
  Secretary   Julie Kennedy
  Treasurer   Dana Dillon

Below are the informal position descriptions for the OCES PTA Board. Please contact the PTA Board if you are interested in serving in any of the positions or would like more information about what the position entails.

President: Provide leadership in creating partnerships within the OCES community and fostering an environment where family engagement is encouraged and respected.  Responsibilities include:

  • Chair monthly board and scheduled general membership meetings;
  • Oversee fiscal compliance;
  • Serve as principal liaison with OCES administration and community partners;
  • Coordinate the work of the PTA-related events with the committee leads and volunteers;
  • Submit annual officer contact information to the VA PTA;
  • Recruit and mentor volunteers and future leaders; and
  • Schedule PTA event calendar and create fliers for PTA recruitment.

President- Elect: Automatically succeed the office of president at end of term as president-elect.  Responsibilities include:

  • Shadow the current president in preparation for taking on the President’s role the following year;
  • Act as aide to the president; and
  • Represent the president in his or her absence.

Vice President of Staff Support: Recruit and help support committee chairs of PTA events.  Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain a listing and ensure volunteer positions are filled; and
  • Lead OCES PTA outreach efforts.

Vice President of Student Enrichment: Recruit and support PTA sponsored student enrichment events.  Responsibilities include:

  • Serve as liaison between OCES and student enrichment vendor(s); and
  • Monitor and promote student enrichment activities.

Vice President of Membership: Actively promote membership throughout the year.  Responsibilities include:

  • Annually update PTA membership form and disseminate;
  • Collect dues and submit to Treasurer;
  • Maintain a current membership list; and
  • Register membership in National PTA database.

Vice President of Web Services: Maintain the OCES PTA website:  Responsibilities include:

  • Register domain name and required services annually;
  • Post approved PTA board minutes posted to web site; and
  • Ensure website remains current with PTA events, activities, and communication.

Treasurer: Ensure appropriate financial records are kept, budget is established and followed, and controls in place to prevent theft or fraud. Responsibilities include:

  • Maintain custody of all funds and finances of the OCES PTA;
  • Keep a full and accurate account of receipts and expenditures;
  • Submit monthly written reports to PTA Board;
  • Make disbursements and have checks signed by two officers;
  • Prepare an annual financial report at the close of the fiscal year;
  • Have accounts examined according to the auditing procedures and submit copy to VA PTA;
  • File annual required tax form to IRS and submit copy to VA PTA;
  • Update annually OCES PTA authorized account holders with Apple Federal Credit Union;
  • Remit to VA PTA dues collected for VA and National PTA membership; and
  • Ensure financial checks and balances are in place at all times.

Secretary: Keep accurate record of meetings and support communication to membership.  Responsibilities include:

  • Record the PTA board meeting minutes;
  • Present draft minutes to previous meeting, make corrections, and ensure approved minutes included in record; and
  • Maintain current list of membership email addresses, to communicate with members and notification of PTA events, meetings, and requested support.